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The servo-driven VSI Atlas severe service control valve accurately controls choked flow conditions with high capacity and extended rangeability. Incorporating VSI actuation technology, the unique, ideal flow path ( like a jet engine) is maintained throughout the full range of operation. The result is a cavitation damage resistant, precision control valve suitable for high pressure drop, erosive fluid flow. Atlas is proven and preferred for the rigorous service of flow control on test benches for oilfield electric submersible pumps.

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U.S. patents 9,103,421 and 9,404,561

Atlas 21 Delivered

Why Atlas?

Fluid flow past the plug of a conventional linear-stroking globe control valve is not consistent around the annulus between the plug and orifice. Why? Two 90-degree direction changes introduce chaos to the flow as the fluid seeks its path of least resistance through the valve. The result: vibration induced wear to the internal components and cavitation damage to the flow path surfaces that restrict flow.

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The mission of VSI is to establish the helical bevel gear-drive (HBG) actuation system as the leading severe service control valve design: high capacity, high accuracy and reliable.

  • End Users – VSI will evaluate your application and deliver a proposal to solve your choked flow control problem. Atlas Models 15, 21 and 32 are in production.
  • Reps and Distributors – Find out how you can penetrate markets now the domain of specialized anti-cavitation valves, for considerably less cost!
  • Valve Manufacturers – Investigate how the HBG system can be applied in your product line.

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