Atlas 21 Delivered

Atlas 21 in Production

Pilot production of the first Atlas SSCV has begun at Total Valve Systems in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The first customer is a leading manufacturer of electric submersible pumps and the Atlas 21 will be used to provide back-pressure to validate pump performance. It replaces a valve with a conventional multiple-orifice disc trim and offers over 40% higher capacity along with greatly increased accuracy.

The control valve is a key element of horizontal pump test benches, moving on a track to accommodate pumps that can be as much as 40′ long. Pump companies are expanding their product lines to include high-volume pumps used in skid-mounted systems to rapidly transfer produced water from oil and gas production. The Atlas 21 (130 Cv) will greatly increase the range of pumps to be tested on this customer’s bench, up to 70,000 bpd at less than 300 psi discharge pressure.

The product line includes the Atlas 15 (70 Cv), derived from the field trial valves, and the Atlas 32 (300 Cv) designed for large scale applications in  refineries and chemical plants and to replace ball and plug valves to test pumps in the range of 100,000 bpd at 100 psi. Replacing complex, multi-valve back-pressure manifolds, or multiple test benches, the Atlas 15 and Atlas 32 together will allow the full product line of any ESP company to be tested on a single test system.

Preliminary product information can be found on the “How it Works” page

First Delivery for Field Trial

VSI delivered the first Helical Bevel Gear-drive Valve, the HBGV, on Thursday, February 18, 2016. The valve will be installed as a pump back pressure regulator on an injection skid manufactured by Global Production Systems, GPS, in Shawnee, Ok.



GPS is a leader in injection systems design and manufacturing that include instrumentation and control systems permitting the multi-stage centrifugal pumps to operate most efficiently.

While this marked a significant milestone for VSI in the development of the HBGV, the near future looks bright as we actively seek other field trial applications for a 5,000 psi rated choked flow control valve with a flow coefficient up to 60.

We have two API 6A compliant valves and one Class 1500 RF flanged valve in production, ready soon to drop in and replace problem-plagued 2″ conventional control valves. The electronic actuation system is capable of 1% accuracy with 20:1 rangeability. HBGV SN160201 Assembled