HBGV1 Technical Brief Released – First RFQ!

VSI is actively setting up the field trial locations for the first valves. Two submersible pump companies have expressed their intent to wring out the HBGV in their pump testing laboratories, and several other applications are being pursued in Casper, Wyoming and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Customers need a Tech Brief: Tech Brief – HBGV1

Last week, with the first valves in production and parts still on order, VSI received a request for quote to replace a Masoneilan 18400 LincolnLog (Trademark) control valve in water injection service, dropping 500 psi to 3 psi. The end user is considering our offer, subject to the approval of substituting electric actuation for pneumatic.

Traditional industrial control systems rely on pneumatic controls and actuation, primarily for enabling a spring-over-diaphragm actuator to open or close a valve when the pneumatic system fails. “So 20th Century”; with a simple battery backup system, the HBGV will open, close, or go to a specific position on loss of signal. No pneumatics. No springs. No positioner. No actuator change if fail-closed valve needs to now fail-open.  No problem.

SLS Patterns for the Helical Bevel Gear Parts

Ranging from difficult to impossible to machine, the four key components that comprise the patented helical bevel gear-drive must be cast. For the 5 field trial valves, the patterns were scaled up from the digital model to allow shrinkage of the molten metal part and printed in wax. The patterns were produced by American Precision Prototyping, LLC with the selective laser sintering process at a fraction of the cost of traditional molded pattern tooling.

Alpha Investment Casting received the patterns and entered them into production, leapfrogging the steps of setting up permanent tooling in the injection press and molding a few patterns. VSI benefits from quick delivery of parts that meet production part specifications.Patterns and Calipers

Electric Actuator Selected for Field Trials

The first five HBGVs are in production and the search for a multi-turn actuator lead us to the Indelac LA7B-12MVQ-MT. For the rigorous field tests expected this fall, we specified an actuator that was robust, fast, accurate and easy to commission. The selected actuator is a multi-turn device, 115 VAC powered with 4-20 mA input, 2000 lb-in output and continuous duty cycle. Applied to the HBGV, the actuator can respond to a command for a 5% change in restriction in less than 7 seconds.2 inch API 5000 - Indelac - Discharge - White

A Tulsa Product – API 5000 HBGV

The first five HBGV will be prepared with end connections specified by the companies conducting field trials. Critical internal parts are investment castings – made in Tulsa from 3D-printed wax patterns also made in Tulsa! The valve body and machined parts, assembly and testing – made in Broken Arrow, Tulsa’s neighbor to the East. Fully an Oklahoma product, the HBGV extends a long line of innovative industrial and oil & gas equipment, drilling rigs, submersible pumps, flare systems and pipeline pigs to severe service control valves.

2" API 5000 Flanged Body

2-1/16 API 5000 Flanged Body

Engineering Design Complete

Version 5 with Spiral/Helical Gear

Modeling and simulation complete . . . next: rapid manufacture to produce five valves for field test.

The HBGV is Hatched

Version 1 of the HBGV was developed in January 2013.